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CRCC • Huanhua Pedigree

project type: exhibition landscape
site location:Qingyang District

Master Plan

Project Description

CRCC Huanhua Pedigree is located in Qing Yang District in Chengdu. The project consists of three parts: the exhibition area, the commercial area and the residential area. This is the exhibition area.

Inspired by a Ming dynasty travel log of Huanhua Creek written by Zhong Xing, the project aims to bring out design elements from its geographical and historical context, to create a place for busy city dwellers to rest their body and mind. The element of “bamboo” and “creek” were extracted and reinvented in a modern way to be used in the exhibition area.

The site is only 5000㎡, and the depth of site is quite shallow. How to create an interesting travel route has become a challenge in this rather limited space.

The designed landscape has applied a lot of curves to enhance the sense of movement. Those curvy lines separate and converge, ended up with different types of typographies and several pocket space, open or private, with varied atmosphere, generating possibilities for seats. These curvy lines will also be lit up at night, creating soft and gentle pathway for space users.

Marble rock was like washed down by stream and left behind on site, gradually becoming less angular as time passes by. Comparing with dense plant clusters at the outside, trees in this area tend to stand alone, generating visual focus and leave out white space.

As the key player, the “creek” element will meander throughout the site. The expression of water will be in many forms, lying flat and still, tripling down from steps, intersecting with walkways, appearing and disappearing, as playing hide-and-seek games. The “bamboo” element exists in multiple architectural structures, such as vertical screens, adding depth and layers of the site, creating urges for exploration. The façade wall of the exhibition center is made of glass, allowing visitors to watch the front waterscape and the Zen garden at the back.

The ownership of the exhibition area will be returned to government and the site will be used as a community park for the surrounding neighborhood after the sales period.

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