International Competition


Tangjiawan Waterfront Landscape Design

project type: International Competition
client:Zhuhai Urban Planning Department
site location:Zhuhai Tangjiawan

Master Plan

Project Description

Tangjiawan Waterfront Park is located in the triangle zone of Zhuhai, ranking third in the world-class city clusters, with an area of 1810000km². In 2017,Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge finished its construction, offering a more convenient transportation method for dwellers in these cities to interact. With good dwelling conditions, and through the construction of civil infrastructures, the vitality of the city has been reactivated.

As a coastal park, the site carries ecological and social functions.

Ecologically, Tangjiawan acts as a natural barrier, offering a cushion zone between mountain, city and seaside. It is a key area in the open space design, a unique element for the open city. Tangjiawan has very superior natural conditions, but current beach lack design and maintenance. The space is uniform and short of essential service utilities and interest attractions.

In the social aspect, Tangjiawan is located at the central location of the bay area, surrounded by Zhongshan University Zhuhai campus, High-tech zone, and Gree coast industrial district. High-tech, recreation, livability is the key ideal for Tangjiawan bay area design. Through coastal park regeneration, the vitality of the bay area has been reactivated.

Our planning direction for Tangjiawan focuses on ecology and culture.

We want to create a bay with comprehensive ecological system. The bad impacts between city and ocean should be reduced, offering a new ecological habitat for birds and fishes.

6.4 km city rain garden is only a small part of the water sensitive concept. It is mainly used to collect and filter the surface water runoff of the urban area and to restrict the impact of urban expansion towards the ocean.

We are aiming to create a creative smart wetland.  Smart water quality surveillance facilities are applied. Water plants and physical purifying process have been used to filter regional flash flooding and surface runoff. Through the design of smart water surveillance facilities, people can directly see the water purifying process. Flood control system will be turned on during extreme weather conditions to reduce the impact of the coastal park.

Since Tangjiawan is surrounded by Zhongshan University Zhuhai campus, High-tech zone, and Gree coast industrial district, this area attracted large amount of high-tech, entrepreneur people. We want to create a unique and well-designed public waterfront area with special features for people to interact.

Zhongshan University waterfront precinct design is inspired by ocean creatures. Part of the Lovers Road has been made sunken, linking Zhongshan University directly to the beach. Zhongshan University will become the first university in China to have its own beach, facing the ocean. This junction is capable to hold 5000 people at one time, offering social space for students and local residents. The center of this precinct is a sunken theater, wrapped in polymer films, which can open and close according to the weather. Light projection at night making this area the most fashionable, creative theatre space.

Beside the yacht club at the Gree Coast, we have set up the water sport competition area for regional water sport events.

We try to utilize current rocky coast and make it into rocky coastal park.

A smart green way system has been built, using technologies of Gree. High-tech interactive facilities and sport health surveillance systems are created.

In the light installation area, smart light poles can provide time, temperature, wind speed, hazard forecast etc. They can also become decorative features during festivals.

Through our design, Tangjiawan will become an ecological and cultural landmark of this region.

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